Our Approach


What is Reportage
Wedding Photography?

This is the real story of your wedding from a guests-eye view. As reportage wedding photographers we will tell the story of your day by observing and capturing those special moments as they happen through candid and unposed images. Whilst the day is documented in a reportage style, our couples photography edges towards a fine art style creating beautiful, timeless images for you to
cherish forever.

So what does that mean for you?

It allows you to spend more of your time with your friends and family, without hours of formal group shots or staged photos. We’re happy to shoot a small number of formal group photos but keeping these to a minimum allows more time to do what we do best, capturing the fun! Essentially, we’re there to document your day as you choose so there can never be too much or too little of anything if it’s what you’d like on your big day. Yes, it is all about you!

“Massive thank you to Mark and Sara at Atlas Photography, they came all the way to New York with our closest friends and family and managed to capture a beautiful record of not just the wedding but five days of magic, the most memorable days anyone could ever have”

Scott & Laura


Why choose two photographers?

Having the added benefit of two photographers observing the day means no special moment will be missed. We work together to capture the love and laughter of your wedding day, telling the story of the day through our photographs from two viewpoints. As husband and wife, we work seamlessly as a team throughout the wedding day. Should you wish to have bride and groom wedding preparation photos in the morning, this can be easily arranged.