Newborn Photoshoot


When it comes to important moments to capture in your baby’s life, these first few weeks are without a doubt the most precious of them all and we love nothing more than starting your newborn’s photographic journey with you at their first professional photoshoot.

We offer a newborn experience at our Salisbury photography studio that is designed not only capture your baby’s first days in the big wide world but to bring you as a family in to the photoshoot and capture your family unit for the first time together. Your whole family is welcome along on this outing!

When it comes to which date to book for the photoshoot, we’d suggest booking around the 5th to 14th day after your new bundle of joy’s due date. If this then changes (and 80% of the time it does), we can easily move the date. It just means you have a secured booking at around the right time to get those gorgeous newborn images. A simple phone call to us is all it takes to rearrange the exact time and date of the photoshoot should you need to.
Mark was super friendly and patient, couldn’t ask for more during a newborn shoot! Our puppy Poppy also loved sneaking into some pictures and becoming the accidental star of the show! Whatever the event, strongly recommend Mark and Sara

  • E1.5 hour shoot time
  • EVarious backdrops and props in studio
  • EPersonal props/blankets/toys
  • EOutfit changes for each setup
  • E5 professionally edited digital photos of your choice
  • EA cinematic preview session to view your images


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What do I need to bring?
Any personal props you’d like included in the photos are great for us to try to use. Blankets, teddies, cute little socks! We don’t promise we’ll work all of them into photos but we’ll certainly do our best!
What about the outfits?
We’d suggest bringing a few outfits along and we’ll sit and have a chat through which are the best to use for the images you’d like producing.
Do you swaddle my baby?
Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions and advice given to us by our governing body, we don’t swaddle your child ourselves and ask that holding, positioning and swaddling of your newborn is done by you. We’ll guide you through this process but head over to our blog for some more tips on swaddling.
What if we need to feed?
That’s absolutely fine, we’ll just take a little break and you can do what nature intended. We are limited to 1.5 hours in the photoshoot so timing your feed before arriving will help give us as much studio time as possible.
What about my baby’s milk spots?
We’re well versed in photoshopping out newborn’s milk spots and blemishes so don’t worry about your little one looking perfect as none of us are, but we can make sure our finished photos are as close to it as possible.
What is a preview session?
Imagine, a comfy sofa, a huge projector, and your photos set to a musical slideshow for you all to watch. Well, that’s it in a nutshell. But it doesn’t stop there, you’ll get to choose your favorite image to be printed on your complimentary photo block and browse some of our stunning wall art and folio boxes should you wish to create timeless pieces of art for your home. We do promise though, no hard selling.
When will the preview session take place?
This will usually be around 7 days after your photoshoot allowing our expert editors to work their magic with your photos.
Where do I park?
There is free allocated parking right outside the studio door for your convenience.

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