Salisbury Digital Photography Course – Level 1

Mastering The Basics

Course Description

Salisbury digital photography course is an introduction to photography class all about teaching you the basics of photography and camera controls. It is aimed at beginners with little to no knowledge of photography and is limited to a maximum of 4 people allowing for more 1 to 1 time during the day. In the course, we’ll teach you that learning and mastering the basic principles of photography will give you the ability to make more creative images. This course is designed for anyone with a DSLR, CSC, Mirrorless, Advanced Compact, Bridge, or any Camera with Manual controls. Armed with the knowledge of how and why the decisions you make with camera controls impact the outcome of your photos. This will allow your creativity to shine through in your images and means relying on auto mode will start to become a thing of the past.

Modem cameras can be very daunting when you delve into the horrors that are an instruction manual. There are just so many settings and so many options that falling back into automatic mode is sometimes the easiest option. Giving you an understanding step by step of how, why and what the effect of the camera’s functions are will leave you with a much clearer picture in all sense of the meaning.

This beginners lesson will be taught with a mixture of classroom based tuition at our photography studio in Salisbury along with practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions to make sure you not only understand the science behind the theory but also get to put all you’ve learned into practice.



Course Content

Elements that will be covered in the course:

  • Cameras and basic equipment
  • Focusing & metering modes
  • File formats
  • The exposure triangle – F stops, shutter speeds, and ISO
  • Understanding white balance
  • Exposure compensation
  • Basic shot composition
  • Images download and basic lightroom editing/correction

Covering all the above elements in this course, our aim is to give you enough knowledge and know-how to start the learning process involved in shooting more creative images using your own camera and mastering its controls. These are the basics of photography and from here you will be able to move on to our more advanced courses where we look into the camera’s functions and controls in much more detail to move you towards full manual control.

On The Day

Based at our photography studio in Salisbury, the day starts at 10 am and runs through to 4.30 pm including breaks. You will be asked to arrive at around 9.30 to get a quick cuppa beforehand. Starting in the classroom with Mark you will have the opportunity to learn the basics in a relaxed and comfy environment with ample opportunity to ask questions due to the restricted group sizes. The morning will consist of both tutorial and demonstrations based teaching making it perfect for types of learning. The practical session will commence after lunch and will be either run in the studio or on location dependant on the weather. Time will be allowed for 1 on 1 help and guidance during this session with an aim of utilising your camera’s settings and getting off auto mode.

After the practical session, you will return to the classroom to download the images you have taken and review them. We will then have a short introduction to Adobe Lightroom to guide you through the process of downloading your photos and making the basic adjustments to make them stand out from the crowd.

The final part of the day will be a brief recap and further opportunity to ask any questions you may still have from the day.


What To Bring Along

Below is a list of things to bring along with you:

Your camera – DSLR, CSC, Mirrorless, Advanced Compact, Bridge

Fully charged battery

Memory card

USB lead for image download

Food for your lunch

A big smile